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General order FAQ Gold FAQ Power Leveling FAQ
Delivery FAQ PayPal FAQ Credit Card FAQ
General order FAQ

Where is my order number?


The order number will be displayed in three places once your payment confirmed:
1.You will be offered an order number after checkout.
2.The paypal mail will show you the order number after you pay successfully.
3.We will send you an email including an order number in it when we have started your order. 
We prefer to remind you that please keep your order number well. It’s the important basis for you to track your order details. For additional information just feel free to contact our customer service.

How to check on the status of my order?


You have tree ways to check on the status of your order:
1.In practice we will send you the order status report via email on fixed time.
2.You can go to the “order trace” to check your order by your order number.
3.Any time is free for you to come to our 24/7 online customer service to ask for the latest order statue report.
We will wholeheartedly serve you!

Why should I provide both of my paypal email address and normal contact email address when place order?


Paypal email is just for payment voucher, it will enable us to make sure that whether you have paid successfully or not. 
For the normal contact email, in order to make your paypal account safe, we prefer to contact you by your normal contact email when we report the order progress or any other emergencies.

Why do I have to provide with additional documents?


PowerlevelingMMO has developed a comprehensive fraud prevention policy so as to better serve the Internet community and reduce the harm associated with online fraud and identity theft.
In the past the order was checked by our automated fraud prevention system, and something about your order had been flagged by that automated fraud prevention system. This is most commonly caused by some sort of mismatch between the addresses. In order to authenticate, we will ask you to provide us with a copy of your government issued photo ID or passport. All files received will never be disclosed to any third parties, see our Privacy Policy. If you are not willing to offer us so, we suggest that you cancel the order or place a new order with Money Order or Wire Transfer.

What confirmations should I expect once I've placed an order?


You will receive an email within 15 minutes after placing an order. If your order was approved, this email will confirm your order. Otherwise, it will notify you that this order failed and will give you instructions on how to process your order. Once your order delivers, a delivery confirmation email will be sent.

Gold FAQ

How to place gold orders? You have two ways to place the game gold orders:

1.Quick order: Just go to the homepage of PowerlevelingMMO and enter the “Quick Order”. Choose r the products what you desire then click “Buy now” on the left. This is the fastest way to place gold order in few seconds.
2.Common order: Go to the related page of game gold you desire, then choose the correct server and gold amount, film the checkout form and click “Buy Now”. By this way, you have more choice of cost-effective gold packages.

What are the transport method game currency can I choose? In practice we have two ways to transfer the gold delivery:

1.Face to face: This is the safest method to transfer gold delivery, the gold trade won’t be found out by the game manager by this way. But it asks the customer has enough time to log in game to responds the gold delivery face-to-face. 
2.Via game email: This is the most convenient method to transfer gold delivery. customers just need to place gold order, our carriers will send the gold to customers’ game mail box in few minutes once the payment confirmed. But it will takes a little risk for the account.

I have been waiting in game for a really long time. How do I confirm my order?


If you have placed an order and have been waiting in game for more than 30 minutes, first check your contact email to see if we have tried to locate you. If no email is in your inbox, feel free to log into our live chat window and speak with one of our customer service representatives to confirm everything is alright with your order.

How long does delivery take?


This is a most concerned question. If your order is in stock we can usually deliver within 5-10 minutes. But sometimes gold deliveries can occasionally take up to 90 minutes or longer however depending on order volumes and game server traffic. For large orders and the orders of high demand servers in game, in order to have a quick delivery we suggest you check the stock on our live chat before you place the order. We hope every customer can have a quick and safe gold delivery by our service.

Why do you call me and ask me to login the game after I place gold order?


During the dangerous time of banned like weekly server maintenance and so on, in order to keep your account safe, we will suggest you to log in game and get the gold delivery face-to-face.

Why should I wait in the game for such a long time but no one contacts me?


Since many customers login the game for gold delivery, our gold carriers need arrange and do delivery one by one, which may cause the delay. Please stay in game patiently. Our game carriers will whisper you as soon as possible.

Should I contact you for trade once I make the order successfully?


In our practice we will send you an email or phone call to notify you once we received your payment. You could wait for our email for trade notification. Usually, we need arrange the delivery with order queue. Thus please kindly allow us some time to prepare for you till we notify you for trade via email. Great appreciate for your understanding!

Is it safe for my account after I give you the charactar name after I place the gold order?


Yes of course. Your charactar name is the basis to give you the gold delivery successfully. We will not give your account/ charactar name to any other third part or ask any hacker to send you the cheating mails so as to fish your password. It’s non-risk to do gold trade with PowerlevelingMMO.

Power Leveling FAQ

How to place the power leveling service? You have two ways to place the power leveling service on PowerlevelingMMO:

1.Common order: Go to the related page of game power leveling you desire, then choose the correct server and levels amount or the hot package, film the checkout form and click “Buy Now”. By this way, many ready orders can be choose, it will save your value time.
2.Make-to-measure package: If our ready products can’t satisfy your demand, you just need to tell us what you desire. We will make the a special package as your required just for only you. The special package for you is the optimization based on your requirement with the most rational price.

When will you start the order once the payment confirmed?


If there is without server maintenance, we will start your order in 15 minutes once your payment confirmed. One thing we should remind you is our levelers are limited for the unlimited order, so if there are too many orders to arrange, which may cause a little delay. We will remind you via email in advance and please kindly allow us to arrange your time as soon as possible. Great appreciate for your understanding!

How to availably impart my desire skills when I have skill learning choice in my power leveling package?


In practice, there will be about any two skills learning for each hot power leveling package. So if you have desire skills to learn, please write the requirement in the comment place when you place the order. You can also come to our live chat window to tell our customer service what skills you want to learn in advance once your have placed the order. Or else, our levelers will learn any skills for you.

What are the frequent reasons for the delay? There are four frequent reasons for the delay:

1.Game server maintenance. The time of delay depends on how many hours the maintenance takes during the power leveling time of your order. 
2.Game agency maintenance. This maintenance is less than server maintenance.
3.Built-in-system update. Our built-in-system needs to up date timely so as to ensure the rapidest speed of power leveling.
4.For some power leveling orders of renowned rank, the amount of battlefield is different by the different area and race. Some area has many battlefields, some area has few. So there may be a little delay in the area which has few battlefields, we do 24/7 hard work for every order. Please give us a little understanding for the little delay, thank you.
No matter what the reason is, we will send email to remind you the delay in advance.

What is the General Power-Leveling Disclaimer of PowerlevelingMMO?


1. Your account will be safe with us as we take data security very seriously. We use encryption, firewalls and other technology and security procedures to help protect the accuracy and security of your personal information and prevent unauthorized access or improper use. For example, you will note that while using some features of the PowerlevelingMMO's website you will need to submit a password or some other type of authenticating information. 
2. Gold accumulated throughout the leveling process will be left in your character's inventory. Non-upgradeable items will be ventured or auctioned off to fund the leveling process. As a general rule, loot distribution works exactly like how it would be with any group you play with. Should an upgrade drops, your charactar will have first dips or roll if there are multiple needs. Usually when power-leveling, your charactar will be grouped with other levelers. In event of a greed drop, the item will be sold for gold and the profit shared amongst the group.
3. You understand that by requesting play-time during the power-leveling process will extend the duration of the power-leveling service and compensation requests for late completion or refund for levels gained during your play-time will not be entertained.

Do you usually send me emails to ask the password of my account during the service time?

Is it safe to my character?


Sometimes in order to keep your account safe, for the game system’s requirement or any emergency we need to suggest you to change the password. Hereon we should emphasize that PowerlevelingMMO just use only one email addresses: mrgamegroup@yahoo.ca from A to Z. If there is someone asks for your game password in the name of PowerlevelingMMO by any other email address, please reject to reply it so as to keep your account safe.
The only kind of email we may send to you after you place our service is “Feedback”. Sometimes we may disturb you to give us some feedback about our service so as to serve you the better service.

How can I trust your general power-leveling terms of service on PowerlevelingMMO?


Over the last 5 years our dedication to customer satisfaction has made us to become one of the world’s leading providers of game currencies and power leveling. We are famous for the “3R” principle:Rich experience, Rapid speed and Reasonable price. Based on these principles, we have built up the ripe system of superiority characteristic as follows:
-Fast order: As the development of our built-in system, the “fast” has also been reflected in the convenient method of ordering products for customers. You can choose and order the products what you desire just need one-click of “Buy now” in quick order.
-Fast start: Along with the growth of the quality of service, we guarantee to start your order in 15 minutes after we received your payment.
-Fast progress: Our power leveling teams are made of hundreds of professional and experienced levelers. Years of power leveling and gold farming operation makes them have every key point of technique at their fingertips. They are able to power leveling and transferring game currency in the fastest way. We will send you the latest progress screenshot every 24 hours.
-Safe way: Hereby we especially to emphasize one thing---our power leveling service are made up by manual work. We do not use any bots or macros to perform our power leveling operation. We have hundreds of employees, the only one thing they do is non-stop personally work on your character. This ensures your charactar is leveled by the safest way to keep away from banned..
-Safe equipment: We do the business in power leveling professionally, all of gold and items will belong to you. Our promise to customers is to keep all the drops safe, they only can be better or more than before after using our service. -Safe legal personality: PowerlevelingMMO is a legal person qualifications enterprise with a long-term efforts and development. Our reputation and success is dependent upon providing a safe and reliable service to our customers. We guarantee security of your account and aim to exceed your expectations by doing the risk-free deal with us. 
-Cheap price: Based on the slogan of “Filling at the price”, we are guaranteed to keep supplying you the best service at the cheapest price. In order to keep old customers and develop the fresh customer we apply ourselves to make larger sales at the little profit. In proportion with the big profit, we prefer the long-standing trade relationship. So every time you inquire the price of our products, 15% lower than the market price is the only result you will get. 
Fame originates from profession, then source in detail. Here customers will enjoy the self-help service. Every drips and drabs of our service will show you the professional standard of us.
- Make-to-measure style: We will power leveling your order by your style as you required. No matter what is your gaming habit, like kill monster with group, prefer to play your account 3hours by yourself per day and so on, just tell us the style you like best. We will do what you desire by your style.
- Make-to-measure package: If our ready products can’t satisfy your demand, you just need to tell us what you desire. We will make the a special package as your required just for only you. The special package for you is the optimization based on your requirement with the most rational price. 
- Make-to-measure method of report: Under existing method of progress reporting---send progress screenshot every 24 hours, we will report the progress according to your timetable. It ensures you to know the latest statue of your order in your free time as you like.

Why do your leveling helps tell me you have no access to contact your power leveler when I want to check my order?


Our leveling helps can only contact our power leveler at certain time but they are not able to interrupt the power leveling, you can also check the screenshot updated on our website to see your order status on “order trace”.

What kind of methods should I check the latest power leveling status of my order?


In our practice, we will send you the latest screenshot every 24 hours via email. But if our report time isn’t in keeping with your time table, you can come to our 24/7live chat window to ask the latest statue of your order anytime you want.

Delivery FAQ

What is the primary transport method of delivery for the game service?


The primary transport method of delivery for all of our game service is via email. So please check your contact email address twice when ordering game service.

Will you send me some spam mails to popularize your products after I buy game service?


We won’t send you any spam or give your charactar name to a third part that give to you a bad link in game which is useful for stealing your account after you buy our service. The emails we send to you after you use our service is only for collecting the feedback so as to perfect the quality of service.

Will you remind me after my order is finished?


No matter what game service you have buy from PowerlevelingMMO, we will send you the finished email to remind you the finished delivery once your order is completed.

PayPal FAQ

What is PayPal and how does it work?


Paypal is an online payment system that facilitates the transfer of money from one bank account to another. After signing up for an account at www.paypal.com and proceeding through their easy verification process, you may send money to your Paypal account from your bank account and begin to use to make purchases online from websites such as amazon.com, eBay and of course PowerlevelingMMO. Paypal is one of the most widely accepted electronic payment services used today to reliably, instantly and safely move money between accounts worldwide.

My shipping address is not confirmed. How can I confirm my shipping address?


Go to www.Paypal.com and click on help, use keyword confirm shipping address in the help search box.

Why is my shipping address unconfirmed?


PayPal uses an Automated Verification System to verify credit card billing addresses that are entered on the system. An address is confirmed if it is associated with a credit card or can be independently verified by PayPal. Gift Addresses and addresses associated with a Switch or Solo debit card cannot be confirmed. Currently, our system cannot verify most non-U.S. credit card billing addresses. 
These types of security measures are unfortunately necessary in an online environment where it is difficult to check someone's identity. In the physical world, sellers can check someone's credit card and driver's license. In the online world, where simple and effective identification tools do not yet exist, we have to take different precautions. We believe that
These safety precautions are in the interest of all our members.

I am using Paypal Mastercard. Why can't I process the payment?


Paypal is having some problems in processing funds through Mastercard payment. We will accept VISA payment on this site at the moment.

Credit Card FAQ

What payment problems may I have if I use credit card payment?


1. Incomplete information, error or premature payment termination. Because of the above reasons, banks are unable or refuse to charge. If payment is declined make sure that the name and address you enter is exactly the same as that for your credit card. It may help to refer to a credit card statement to ensure the address is the one the credit card company has on file.
2. If payment is not declined, but automatic log-in fails, please check your Email. If confirmation of your order has arrived, then all is well.
3.  Unauthorized transactions. The card Consumers use is 3D card and you forget to fill in 3D verification code. Therefore, the system will be sentenced for unauthorized transactions and the charge is refused.
4.  Black cards, stolen cards, copy cards. If your cards are determined as the black card, copy card, and other illegal card, the system will refuse to charge.
5. The card balance is insufficient or cards have expired. The cards you use exceed credit limit or period of validity.
6. Risky areas payment. Your IP is judged from high-risk areas by the international credit organizations, thus the transactions are considered as high-risk transactions and the system refuse to charge. Such as: Russia.
7. Cross-border and trans-regional transactions and payments. The cards you use are not local cards. Therefore, you are suspected of using stolen cards. In this case, the system will rate them as high-risk transactions and refuse to charge.
8. Network problems. When you pay, slow network speed, other network problems, repeated refreshment of pages will lead to multiple payment submission of application or the failure to receive payment and so on.
9. The same IP payments within a short period or repeated payment. Consumers who pay many times via the same IP within a short time will be suspected of cash, money laundering, fraud and other illegal acts. Charge is rejected by the system.
10. Single payment limit is too high. Single payment exceeds single payment limit or the limit system sets.
11. Bad transaction records. The cards you use to pay have poor transaction records; therefore the system refuses to pay.
12.  Issuers refuse to charge. Your card issuing bank declines to charge, you need to contact your bank for the reasons of denial.

24/7 Online Support

Why Choose US
100% Handwork
We supply the game products with 100% handwork and we offer the safe guaranteed. Professional leveler, local IP address. Hand-made leveling by doing quests, no use of Bot or Exploitation.

100% Satisfaction
We will start your order within 10-15mins after order received, We send progress with your charcter screen shot to your email per 24 hours, If you have some questions, please feel free to contact us by MSN, Skype, Email or Live support.

100% Profession
In 2004, we built a professional service team to guarantee smooth processing. From then on, customer accounts and passwords have been under specially trained staff's management.

100% Money Back
You can end your order any time and we will refund the unfinished part. We promise to refund any dissent part after verification when powerleveling is finished. We could ensure your vested interest, and guarantee that your money worth it.
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