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BDO Power Leveling Guide 1-50

Here's the leveling route we used here in Gravity. It took our first group of 5 to reach 50 in about 11 hours. We do black spirit quests along the way as should everyone else!

10-15 Imps (Hidel Quarry)

15-18 Scarecrows (Moretti Plantation)

18-21 Al Rhundi Bandits (Castle Ruins)

21-24/25 Frogans (Glish Swamp)

25-29 Cultists (Bloody Monastery)

29-30/31 Red Orcs (Orc Camp/Southern Neutral Zone)

30-32 Bandits (Birhagi Den?)

30-34 Harpies (Mountainside of Delphe Knights Castle)

34-39/40 Abandoned Land

40-44 Chimera (West of Keplan)

44-50+ Catfish (Lake Kaia/Catfishman Camp)


On mobile , so sorry in advance for how loose I am with grammar etc

I levelled primarily solo as a ranger maxing bow mastery and spamming level one explode evasive .

I'll preface this by saying that I did manual loot a fair amount, and at many points( especially post 30 where it got painfully slow ) I wasn't grinding as fast as I could, it took me about 24 hrs but I did a fair number of random things along the way and burnt out at some of the slower points

1-18 I followed hakurai till here so can't compare but it was fast ( like 1.5 hrs)


Scarecrow, did these 18-19 wish I did 17-19

Al rundhi, clearing lower courtyard is good ( I was solo and couldn't clear top due to being forced out , but was able to clear bot super fast )19-23

Nagas 23-25 density is great but you need a lot of pots, frogans ( since they are more spread, they are also better if you are 21 or 22) probably easier as a group to clear efficiently

Monastery 25-29 Again couldn't clear top solo, but there are some great packs on the hills west of it toward orcs and along the road Around here it will start getting slow

Orcs 29-32 probably stayed too long didn't like harpies in cbt solo ( so stayed longer here )

Birhagi den, 32-33 ( I was not contested here though ) this was great wish I had stayed till 34

Khurutos 33-35 this sucked and was slow

Abandoned land 35-37 ( if you come at 34 here skip purple mobs if you are solo and butchers till you kill them fast ) I left at 37 to try caphras caves

Caphras caves 37-38.7, DONT GO HERE, the exp sucked even with a party of 5 randoms where we almost cleared it on re spawn ( as far as exp tether allowed efficiently ) it sucked


Abandoned land 38.7 -41 , from my experience in cbt I knew this would be good, at this point I two shot every non butcher mob with explosive evasive , I managed to push out parties solo because I just ran from pack to pack throwing out 2-3 explosive evasives and moved onto the next pack ( it took me 1.5 hrs to get 2.5 levels exp like this )

41-43.5 chimeras : after all the hype I thought these would be amazing, at first I did the loop from the ravine to 1/2 way up the hill and then down into the ravine when it respawned ( off the cliff), but found the exp to be fairly average even when using a 50% scroll, I was fighting a group of 5 for Exp for a while but they looped round the top so we only clashed in he middle, someone left their group and I joined them ). There are other areas that are ok but I didn't try them

Giants, being underwhelmed i went to try other places, but found that these sucked at 43.5, they would probably be fine from 45

Chimeras again 43.7-45, bit the bullet, somewhat forced out some parties with lower levelled players

Catfish 45-50 as a ranger and solo at first this sucked ( but it was great at 47), I can't speak for other classes but as a ranger if you are solo it's probably best to do giants or even mansha till 46/47, otherwise it was great. There is a potion vendor nearby too and loads of spots to farm.


--- an important note is that you should try to efficiently clear,not fully clear packs ( don't stay to finish of that last mob). A situation in which there is no other pack of mobs nearby for you to kill, is the one where you should try and party with the other players taking the camps nearby or hop channels. --

@ genchimaru, thanks as always for the guides , I really appreciate your ranger guides, and I've been having trouble using q as a combo with evasive shot ( I find it hard to press a and q at the same time d q isn't too bad but still awkward), did you rebind your q key? And what benefit is there for maxing explosive evasive in pvp ( I've found that you can dash after the left click spray by using ultimate evasive shot, to what appears to be pretty much the same effect as the second jump skill)

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