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Black Desert Online Fast Leveling Guide (Level 1- 50 in 15 Hours)

With Black Desert Online official launch just right before us and headstart just went live, someone already reached level 50 in just 8 hours! Many players are wondering how to level up fast in Black Desert Online. Well, here's a guide made by Hakurai where he shared his experience on how to level up from 1 to 50 in 15 hours. [All credits go to Hakurai. Hope it will be helpful for you guys. Also, Hakurai has several awesome BDO videos onhis Youtube channel.]

Map: 1-7
                                            Click to see the larger size
1. After the basic tutorial and you get the quest to kill grass beetles, run north of the road to gain knowledge on parasitic bees. Then run down the road and gain knowledge on weasels before killing grass beetles and talking to your black spirit.

2. Finish the introduction quests while killing everything in your path heading south east to the imps. Your goal is to finish all the quests and hit level 10.

3. Upon arrival at the guard camp, talk to the introducing guard and the following NPCs to get a skill quest from black spirit, then a quest to talk to Jonatt, then a quest to go to Edan down south.

4. Head east out of the guard camp and kill 2 packs of wolves, then run southward while killing tree spirits around the node point of the Secluded Forest until level 12.

5. At level 12, head into the Ancient Stone Chamber to talk to Edan and do the awakening quest. Optional: Do the inventory slot quest to talk to the 6 statues in the room.

6. Head back outside with the black spirit quest to kill tree spirits. Kill them and continue grinding to 13.

7. Head north with the black spirit quest to talk to Uno. Then take the quest to kill the Imp boss on the beach for your Elsh Weapon. Take the follow up quest to talk to the old man in Velia, then the girl Eileen. After turning in and taking her inventory slot quest, grab a horse from the stablemaster.  

Map: 8-18
                                            Click to see the larger size
8. Ride south to either the northern heidel quarry or alejandro farm and grind either spot until level 17.

9. At level 17 accept the quests for your level 17 skill and the altar imp quest. Kill altar imps for a new weapon and take the next quest to climb the tower, and climb the tower. Optional: Grind imps to 18 and finish the next quest as well for a +2 human damage weapon.

10. In heidel, talk to enrico to do the ‘commercial power’ quest to talk to bobby lauren, who gives quest ‘bobby laurens request’ to talk to Jordine, who gives quest ‘military power in heidel’ which gives you 2 inventory slots and unlocks the skill trainer to turn in your 17 skill quest.

11. Make sure you restock and clean bags, then head south east to the scarecrow farm, grind here until around level 19.

12. At level 19, head further south to the alrhundi rebels and kill them on the ground floor of the castle until 20~21, depending on your class and gear.

13. At 21, grind the top of the castle to reach around level 25-26.

14. At level 25-26, accept the three black spirit quests ‘awakening’ ‘glish’ and your classes level 20 skill. Turn in the skill quest at the Serendia gateway just outside of the castle ruins, then ride to the awakening.

15. Ride south to glish. Talk to npc ‘Kanna’ to be able to talk to ‘Freharau’ and turn in ‘Glsih’ quest, this will allow you to accept black spirit quest ‘Red-finned Naga’. Also grab ‘Glazed Naga Oil’ quest from selaine near the entrance, and restock.

16. Head northwest to kill naga to complete the quests. Then accept the next quest ‘Better Weapon Needed’ to kill nagas north east. Upon completion, restock in glish, then equip your new weapon and head to the monastery in the south.

17. Grind the monastery until level 29-30, 28 if you are skilled/in a group.

18. Head north west to the red orcs, accept black spirit quest ‘kitty stolen by red orcs’ and complete this quest chain, asking you to deliver the cats to oliviero, then ‘battle in the nuetrel zone’ and then ‘dignified orcs’. All the while grinding to 32.

Map: 19-25
                                           Click to see the larger size
19. At 32, head west to delphe castle with a new black spirit quest ‘sky fall’. Turn it in, and do the ‘desire for power’ quest for your final leveling weapon. Restock, head northwest to the khuruto caverns.

20. Grind kurutos until level 35-36. At 35 you can leave for the refugee camp west and grind there to 38, or at 36 leave north for Caphras Cave.

21. Grind Caphras until around 39-40.

22. Accept the awakening quest from black spirit to go to the bree tree ruins to the west, run through the ruins and complete the quest, then ride south to the chimaeras outside of keplan.

23. Grind Chimaeras until level 46~ then decide to go Mansha to 48, Giants to 48, or straight to catfish to 50. If you didn’t go directly to catfish at 50, swap to them when you hit 48 regardless.

24. Optional: at 48 you can stop purely grinding and start doing the black spirit quests ‘Need a Sharper Weapon” and “Familiar Aura”.

25. At 49, you will get a co-op quest to kill balemorn, this quest requires that you had done all 4 awakenings mentioned in the guide thus far, and you must complete this quest to hit level 50. Once done, finish grinding to hit 50.

More detailed picture guide, click here.

Actually, there is no real maximum level cap in Black Desert Online. There is, however, a soft cap at level 50. Beyond level 50, Black Desert Online leveling is much harder, and also rather optional. 

In order to get to level 50, you will have to not only grind, but also carry out essential quests in order to unlock the ‘final’ quest that allows you to push from 49 to 50. This guide will mix some grinding locations with quests in order to ensure you manage to acquire the final quest.

Since Black Desert Online has a huge world, it’s a tad difficult to describe the exact locations of the places mentioned in this guides, and their direction to them.

To help make things easier, you should use the Black Desert Official Interactive Map.

Note: Some location names have been slightly altered in the game. There may be some inaccuracies in the name of certain regions and NPCs in this guide due to this reason. However, the content and similarities remain highly accurate, and should give you the idea you need.

Before Starting
The first thing you should do is buy a cheap Wagon. Wagons are useful for grinding as they allow you to store plenty of potions and loot on them. This will save you frequent trips back to town, meaning faster grinding and more time in the field.

Black Desert Online Level Up Fast: Levels 1-10

Start off with the Tutorial Quests. Follow them until you reach the training dummies and eventually learn your first skill.

Complete that quest and your Black Spirit will give you another quest to kill grass beetles. This is the start of your grinding.

By this time, you should be Level 5. Instead of going directly for the beetles, run north of the road to gain knowledge on the parasite bees, then head down the road and gain knowledge on weasels before killing the bugs.

After this, you should finish the quests while killing everything in your way from the weasel area. Head southeastwards to the imps while you do.

Some of the Small Imps can be challenging to deal with due to their ranged attack, as well as the elite Violent Imp. However, the mob density isn’t enough to challenge you that much. You should be able to reach level 10 by the end of the quests.

Black Desert Online Level Up Fast: Levels 11-19

Once you have managed to level up to 10, head to the guard camp and talk to the introducing guard and NPCs to get a skill quest from the Black Spirit, a quest to talk to Jonatt, and a quest to go to Edan to the south.

Now you’ll be dealing with some werewolves and tree spirits. Both these mobs are fairly easy to deal with, and are roughly between level 11-13. Head east out of the guard camp and kill the couple of packs of wolves, then head southward, killing the tree spirits around the Secluded Forest till you reach level 12.

At level 12, go to the Ancient Stone Chamber to talk to Edan and do the Awakening quest. Head back outside with the Black Spirit quest to kill tree spirits. Keep killing and continue grinding till you reach level 13.

Once you reach level 13, be sure to go back to the Western Guard Camp and pick up a quest from Jarette Domongatt inside the tents. Complete this quest before moving on. This quest will allow you to Enchant Items.

Now, head north with the black spirit quest to talk to Uno. Take up the quest to kill the Imp boss for Else Weapons. Also take the follow-up quest to talk to the old man in Velia, followed by Eileen.

After turning in that quest, grab a horse from the stablemaster. After this, you want to head to the Alejandro farm. Grind here till you are level 17. After this, accept the quest for your level 17 skill and also the Altar Imp quest.

You will want to kill Altar Imps for new weapons. Take the next quest to climb up the tower, and complete it. By this time, you should be level 18.

Head over to Hidel now, and talk to Enrico to do the Commercial Power quest. Talk to Bobby Lauren, who gives you an additional quest to talk to Jordine. Do so, and finish the Military Power in Hidel quest for 2 inventory slots and the skill trainer.

Once you are done here, head over to the Scarecrow farm. This is a great place for grinding, though the mobs can deal a lot of damage if you haven’t brought some starter gear from a blacksmith.

Keep an eye out for elites here as they drop valuable items though, which will really help. Some of the fields here are easier to grind than the rest, so experiment and settle down in one.

Black Desert Online Level Up Fast: Level 20-30

Grind here till you are level 19, then head south to the Alrhundi rebels near the Castle Ruins. This spot is great for grinding. It is best to grind both outside and inside the castle since you are here till you reach level 25.

Grind outside till you are level 21, then head inside and grind the top of the castle to for a few extra levels All the mobs inside are melee and drop Heavy Armor Fragments, crystals, and good starter weapons.

At level 25-26, you should accept the three black spirit quests Awakening, Glish, and class level 20 skill quest. Complete the skill quest first, turning it in at the Serendia gateway outside of the castle ruins.

After that, head for the Awakening quest. Finish that quest off, then head south to Glish. Talk to the NPC here, followed by another NPC Freharau, and eventually turn in the Glish quest.

Now, accept the Red-finned Naga quest, and also grab the Glazed Naga Oil quest from Selaine at the entrance. Restock and get ready for some more questing.

Head northwest to kill nag and complete the quests that have been given to you. After that, accept the next quest ‘Better Weapon Needed’ to kill naga in the northeast. Complete this quest, then restock for some grinding.

You’re now going to the Blood Monastery located south. This place has a massive amount of mobs in the courtyard that can be overwhelming. Be careful simply because of the sheer number of enemies here.

Continue grinding here until you are at least 29. Ideally, you want to aim for level 30 here.

Black Desert Online Level Up Fast: Level 31-40

Now, it’s time to head northwest to the red orcs. Accept the black spirit quest ‘Kitty Stolen by Red Orcs.’ This is a long quest chain that asks you to deliver cats to an NPC. Between doing so, constantly grind on the way.

Once this quest is completed, accept the Battle in the Neutral Zone quest and complete it, grinding in any place you can on the way. After completing that quest, also accept the Dignified Orcs quest.

Grind here all the way till you are level 32 and complete the quest. At level 32, head over to the Delpa Castle with the Sky Fall quest. Perform the quest and turn it in, then take the Desire of Power quest. Restock here, then head to the northwest to Kruto Caverns.

This place is fantastic for grinding if you manage to get the spot for yourself. You should be able to grind all the way up to level 35-36 by going through this place. If not, head back to the Delpa Castle and grind there, then come back to Kruto Caverns and try again.

At level 35 onwards, you can leave for the refugee camp to the west and grind there till you are level 38. You should then head over to the Kaplath (Caphras) Cavern up north. The entrance to the cave is located west of Florin Town. The cave goes fairly deep, and mob density greatly increase. Grind here till you reach level 39-40.

Black Desert Online Level Up Fast: Level 40-50

After getting to Level 40, accept the Awakening quest from the black spirit which will guide you to the Bree Arbor Ruins located west. Run through the ruins and complete the quest, grinding as well. After that, ride south. Here, there are some Chimaeras outside of Keplan.

Chimaeras are fantastic to grind. Continue to do so until you are level 46. The problem with this path is that it is well-known and busy, so you might want to find it at a time there is little traffic. Kill the large packs in the ravine and head up the hill and kill the mobs, then go back down into the ravine.

At this point you want to go to Manysa Forest. This is officially one of the end-game farming spots. Mobs here will be clumped together for some easy hits, and there is a large amount of mobs.

They drop Goblin Shaman boss scrolls and ‘Determining a piece of Ancient Ruins” that can be sold on the Auction House for quite a bit. Continue farming this location until you are level 49.

At level 49, you will get a co-op quest to kill Belmorn. This quest requires that you have done all 4 Awakening quests that were given to you before. You must complete this quest in order to hit level 50. Once you do, finish grinding to hit level 50.

The ideal place to do so is the Catfishman Camp.  


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