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Black Desert Power Leveling Guide for the Upcoming Russian version

Soon the Russian version of Black Desert Online will be released  and many  people will start to play it, and of course you will try to level your character as fast as psoible.
At the beginning of the Guide we have a little walk through the basic of the game, as before starting any online project and spidranom (fast passage, pumping)we need a little bit to understand its mechanics.



Let's start: • Bleeding the level of the hero in the BDO in the first place it is not on quests, and on pharma mobs, find a spot (spot) and start it for a few hours to farm. •There is a phase of pumping up to 50 and the phase of pumping after 50 lvl. From 1 to lvl 50 you'll just open up new skills, explore the world and to grow in the attributes. Starting with level 50, flow will slow down several times, and quests generally cease to pump the hero. As each taking the next level you will receive 1 Skill awakening point, which will be spent on improving skills.


• An interesting feature of this MMORPG is that all the skills in the Black Desert Online will also be pumped. In other words, the first skill looks like a one hit, causing a loss, but at higher levels of the same skill will apply  2 stroke and impose on the enemy,  a certain additional effect, for example - slowing down. With the ability to take the next level it even increase, and it will be applied to three hits and a couple of additional effects, slowing down and say a certain debuff. It's worth knowing that all bonuses will be given to the ability at random, and they can be both useful.


Now let's talk abot the fast character leveling  in BDO: • The most important thing - the right skill study. You have to memorize one rule - you can not spend spend SP to all  available capacity, otherwise you will become ineffective in battle. As a result, you will have the ability to choose 2-4 under your style of play and try to pump them exactly. This will help you kill mobs faster and reduce the pumping time. • Farm mobs in one place for a long time  is not an option, since the greater the difference in the level of heroes and monsters, the slower you swing, and so try to pick a place in the game world with your mobs level. • Every few hours Pharma advised to perform a couple of jobs and earn SP.


From 1 to 20 level you have to level up in Balenose, North Serendii: 1. Not far from the Velia, you can find the first creatures, bugs are hiding in the grass. Begin farming experience to them.  2. Next, we move farther away from the village and beat wolves, martens and foxes.

3. At the level of 8-10 go to the west of Velia to the altar, we find the mobs and get level 10. Obtain the first task of the plot of the Black spirit and execute it. 4. Then go to the south of the altar in the guard camp. Around this place start to swing further - with 10+ levels . By the way, in the woods near a cave, you should visit it and take it continued plot job from the Black spirit.


5. Then go to the east. Going forward, you will kill goblins and you will be able to visit their cave. This place should also be clean, as it gives you a quest for the development of the Black spirit. IMPORTANT: Avoid RB boss in a cave, because it is deadly for you. 6. Approximately at level 16 you will pass all the story missions from the Black spirit. After completing the quest line, you'll have to go west to the city of Heidelberg Serendii and farm 18 - 19 level in his district. 7. Further our path lies on the south to the farm. Here we have to swing on the scarecrow and demons. You can also go to the swamp and swing on the nagas, flamingos and ferocious different plants. In general, here we take the 20 level .


From 20 to 40 level , we will swing in the Eastern and Southern lands Kalfeona Serendii: 1. At level 20, go south to the ruins of the castle and shakes his Maltz up to 24 levels . IMPORTANT: here you can see the second RB. 2. Go to the west of the castle, we come to the next swamp and start to swing on frogs, similar to humans. Beware of their leader - "Magician astride a large toad." If you need to provision and repair of equipment, then go to the nearby town Gliss.


28 - 30 level you can go to the west of the town Gliss and start pumping on the orcs-pigs. 4. At level 33 go to the North and Farm bandits. 5. Upon reaching level 37 , you can begin to move to the forests of Bree and swing up to 41 levels.

Black Desert Online 41 to lvl 50 :
1. Go West Kalfeon locations and farm on thetrolls and goblins. You can also beat the precious experience on the zombies and witches in the southern part Kalfiona. 2. When the goblins and trolls will be slightly lower than the level of your character, then we need to get to the city Kalfeon and rock within it. 3. South of the city you will find the village Kaplan with the poor who have been subjected to experiment, people.


4. A little west of the village you can pump the last few levels on wild forest monsters. 5. Once you take the 50 level, you can safely begin to move into the southern part of the forest Kalfeona, just there and you will find more powerful monsters.


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