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Black Desert Power leveling 1–60 GUIDE

Grinding without a doubt is the fastest way to level in Black Desert, the only downsides are that you miss out on some bag space, energy/spirit and contribution points. However, you can always go back and do some quests for these. We have a guide that lists all of the bag space quests. There are also many 50 quests and repeatable quests that will give you the contribution points you lack.

If it is your first character we recommend that you follow all of the quests to 50 and take your time to learn the game. It is very overwhelming at first and grinding is faster but will leave you with hardly any contribution and energy points.


Before we get started, I recommend that you follow the tutorial quests up to Hidel if you want more bag space or the donkey mount. I don’t personally see the point in following the tutorial because you it slows you down a lot and you can always go back to do the quests at a later date, or buy a cheap starter horse for 10,000 silver. However, it is completely up to you. Also, if you are not in a rush, you may want to buy yourself a cheap wagon or do the wagon quest in Velia. Wagons are great for grinding because you can store all of your potions and loot on them, meaning you don’t have to go back to town anywhere near as often.

All the leveling spots in this guide have been tried and tested by myself several times as of 18/01/2016 on both Korean and Russian servers. I didn’t use any enchanted gear to start with or anything that would give me an advantage. The gear used for leveling was obtained via drops whilst leveling in the zones. My total time taken from 1 – 50 (Korean server) was 6 hours 34 minutes. You can see this in the screenshot below, click for a larger version.

All locations are shown on our interactive map by clicking the “view this location on our map” button. If you are viewing this on a mobile, experiencing issues with the map or wish to view an image of all the locations instead, click here.

Item information and tooltips are taken directly from bddatabase.net or in-game.

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