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Blade & Soul Level 1-45 Soul Shield Guide: How to Choose and Get Soul Shield

In this guide, you will find Soul Shield names, location and level requirement.

Requires Level 6

Soul Shield: Thousand Soul

In Blade & Soul, level 6 is the first level where you can get a good set of Soul Shield. You can get it by spinning the Wheel of Fate after you kill the boss monster at the Graveyard Area in King Forest, Royal Dragon Forest.

Requires Level 20

Soul Shield: Viridian

When you hit level 20, you will be able to prepare for a trip to the desert. Go find a merchant in Jadestone village and give him Viridian valor stones. He will give you the shield in return. You can get the stones by completing daily quest. You need 8 Viridian valor stones to have an entire set of shield, each stone for one piece of the shield.

Requires Level 28

Soul Shield: Desert heroic

You’d have been in the desert for some time as of level 28. You can get the Desert heroic set from a merchant who is to be found by a wheel beside an inn in the desert. You need cinder land valor stones to exchange for the shield and can get the stones by doing daily quests.

Requires Level 33

Soul Shield: Desert scorpion

When you reach level 33, you are able to choose the Desert scorpion set with a high haste rating. You get the set from outside of the inn in the desert. You find the Picky world boss and kill it for essence so that you can spin the wheel to get the set.

Requires Level 36

Soul Shield: Sacrificial or Desert scorpion

Two Soul Shield set choices are available after you hit level 36. You get the Desert heroic from the merchant in the inn and the Sacrificial set from Tomb of the Exiles which is a level 36 dungeon. You need to kill the three bosses in the dungeon in order to get the set. Both blue and purple pieces are available and can be mixed.

Requires Level 41

Soul Shield: Moonwater

You can get the Moonwater set from merchant in Hogshead Hamlet. The merchant is beside a wheel in Fengdeng valley warehouse in the leaves Villa, Moonwater plain. 8 moonwater valor stones are required to get the set. If you are a new player and have never played the dungeon, the Moonwater set is recommended because it is more powerful than the Sacrificial set. As for the veteran players, the Sacrificial set is enough until you reach level 45.

Requires Level 45

Soul Shield: Dokumo or Sea Snake for PVE, Moonwater Arena for PvP

Level 45 is the full level. The Dokumo set is drawn from a box after you play 4 Moonwater plain dungeons. It takes a rather long time to collect the entire set. And the set’s stats are not as good as the Sea Snake set. So it’s not worth the time. But if you are interested, you can get a set. It is definitely better than the Sacrificial set. You can get the Sea Snake set by playing the Artillery Orchid dungeon.

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