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Blade and Soul Power Leveling Guide

Blade and Soul has a lot of interesting features, and there is much information that is not available on the official website. As with other games, leveling up involves a combination of completing quests and grinding on monsters. In this article, we will discuss some handy ways of leveling through the early game. Blade and Soul is a game with an engaging story, so you probably do not want to skip cutscenes and blaze through the game as fast as possible, at least not the first time through.


But if you really are a person who wants to max out blade and soul leveling fast or you are past your first character, then this guide is for you. If you are just looking to go as fast as possible, then you can grind on monsters and get it done in less than twenty hours. This guide will try to provide a balance between speed of progression and how interesting it is to move through the game. After all, you want to enjoy your time in the game.


leveling 6


Before getting into the Blade and Soul guide, it is important to know that the experience level is only part of your character’s strength. You also need to improve your weapon, soul shield, and accessories, in that order. You will get your main story weapon and upgrade it over time– don’t worry about trying to max it out, just build it up enough to keep pace with the dungeons. As for skills, look up a guide for your class to decide what skills to aim for, as this leveling guide will just assume you are improving your skills in a way that allows you to keep up with the mobs. Finally, being a Premium player and having the Dragon Soup item from the cash shop will boost your experience gains, so you can do better that way.


Learn how to reach the level cap within 2 days with this Blade and Soul Strategy Guide by Killer Guides. In-depth leveling strategies, class builds, crafting and gathering tips, gold making and more are included in this nifty manual. I myself bought the guide already and wrote my review here.


First of all, when you start out, you will need to go through a tutorial that will leave you at about level 3 before the world opens up a little. You can use this time to get acquainted with the interface and controls if you do not know them already. When you are done, there is an assortment of story quests and blue quests in the starting area. That should get you to around level 10. Complete everything in the area. Once there is nothing left to do, you should head over to Dreamdrift. From about level 10 to about level 13, you can grind on the monsters here. Depending on your skill with your class and the skills you have available, then you can take on many mobs at once.


leveling 5


Once you reach 13, you can return to questing. Head to the Kilns, Wispwater Spring, and similar nearby areas to pick up quests. They can take you all the way to 22. Once you reach that level, it is time to return to grinding on mobs. The best location for this is Wraithbloom Meadows. This area can be a challenge, so don’t take on more mobs than you can handle. On the other hand, the more you fight at once, the faster you will level up. Get to 25 and then continue with the main quest line for a little while. You can level from 25 all the way up to 31 using mobs in Vulture’s Dig and Jackal’s Dig.


This might be a good time to level up your weapon and gear if you have not done so already. You can do some yellow quests to get this done. Once you have brought it up to an appropriate level, get to level 32 with the mobs in front of Jaofang Village. Then move over to Yes Man Fight Club for 33. It is in Razorwing Ravine. Next, move spots again and grind up to 37 or 38 in the Boneyards. These mobs are pretty strong and are level 36, so be careful at first. To get the most mobs in the area, complete the Chapter 37 quest and leave the Chapter 38 main story quest open. Once you get to 37 or 38 from the mobs, finish off the Cinderlands quests, and that should take you to 38 or 39 and you can move on.


leveling 7


Move through the main story until you reach Chapter 3, Moonwater, in the Brightstone area. Then go into the Soulstone Mines and grind on the mobs there. You can open the main quest and gather all the mobs together and kill them at once. Finish the main quest when you are about to reach level 40. Next, head to Predator’s Den and grind the bear mobs. Once you reach level 41, stop and complete the main questline until you get level 43. At 43, you start your last phase of mob grinding at Forsaken Crash Site. Gather the mobs together and use the bomb to kill them quickly. That should take to you 45, and from then on it is up to you such as doing a dungeon run.


The speed of leveling here is variable based on your class. Strong AoE classes can finish this in a day or so, and ones that lack AoE and are weak on defenses will take longer, because you can pull less mobs at a time. But this provides a good balance and a good progression that any class can complete. It is possible to grind to 45 faster using mobs only, especially if you buy the Dragon Soup booster, but that is also rather boring. This way, you can get to 45 pretty fast and see a lot of the game and the story along the way.

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