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Quests Interpretation in Archeage

In Archeage,there are three game quests including the main quests, the side quests and the featured quests. The main tasks primarily expound player's destiny in game promoting the development of plots as an excellent storyteller.While side quests are mainly related to the surrounding environment and the NPC interactions. And featured classes contain the  lifestyle and epic classes, lifestyle missions are all about things with productive functions within the game while epic classes are related to some of the famous heroes, family legends in history.

Main Missions

In the game, each race has its own main quests and they are situated in different areas. When players fullfill specific tasks,they would meet an CG relating to the plot. Novice main tasks of each race are located in each novice scene, only players in the scene after the completion of the task of the novice. Once they cpmplete the novice tasks, they have the ability to exchange with other players. Players reaching 30 levels on different continents will meet in the neutral zone. Before that,they can only finish their taks on their own continent. 

Side Quests

Side missions mainly increase player's knowledge about the game world as well as interact with the relevant NPC. It's  well known for it's variety of mission types and their colorfulness. 

Lifestyle Quests

Lifestyle quests are all about the production and the life in game. Sometimes,it requires players to spend a certain amount of time and eneygy on it. Having finished these tasks,players can gain more information and details to the functions as well as satisfy their exploration joy.

Epic Quests

Epic quests dates back the the legendary heroes or families which is not specially introduced in the main classes, making players better understand the game story;meanwhile,they enrich the plot as well as full the figure shapes.

ArcheAge is not only an ordinary upgrade on fighting monsters. It makes players feel the grandness of ancient century with a more humane setting so that players on each type can seek the game fun. 

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