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Secrets of Ayanad Launched in Archeage

Secrets of Ayanad-the final 1.2 Korean version of Archeage was launched on Tuesday last week. Followed by the obsidian weapons and new level 55 skills in Archeage's new update Secrets of Ayanad recently, the update has finally been launched to all the gamers. We have already spoken to the newest and very passionate producer on the team, Merv LEE Kwai. Now let's enjoy all the new features in ghe game.Mr. Merv told us the success of the update is much attributed to the two weeks's live player date collected during test process : "You know, I think it was our best launch to-date for ArcheAge! It was smooth, servers have been stable the entire time and we're really proud of the content we pushed out."

Archeage of Ayanad make the highest level into 55 so that all players can do all possible quests and classes from 50 to 55 and there are 5 new skill points available with one for each new level which gives better flexibility in classes builds and each class gets a new skill at 55. 


Introduction of the Diamond Shores is another new feature of the update.Diamond Shores is a new zone found to the northwest on the continent of Auroia and is part of the war cycle.The zone has a new housing area-about 200 houses and only on the west coast.The Ayanad Libray can be seen and is accessible to it's entrance when you're on Diamond Shores. The Ayanad Libray is a dungeon consisting of 3 floors and each floor has 64 rooms and is restricted to level 50, 51 and 53 respectively. 


Each floor has its own unique theme though the room layout seems like a chessboard. On the first floor you find a huge mess of books, pages floating in the air and more. The second floor is teeming with plant-life, overtaking the bookshelves.Finally, the third floor has a celestial vibe, with constellations found throughout the level.It's the most pristine—preserved—floor in the library.There are very few creatures and quests that mass produced totally at random throughout the library. World bosses can also spawn in the dungeon; regardless of the faction, you can contribute effort toward the fight, with everyone in the area receiving the kill quest and after its death, a reward.

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