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TBC Classic Dungeon Leveling Guide

The goal of this guide is to provide an alternative to leveling via quests. As everyone is funneled into Hellfire Peninsula on launch day, you might want to find ways to avoid competing for mob tags, waiting for respawns, and dealing with World server crashes. To do so, we focus on leveling via dungeons. By the time you reach max level, you will have ammassed a substantial amount of reputation with the various factions, unlocked a few heroic keys, and collected some Pre-Raid BiS gear. This guide is based on the leveling video by BiosparksTV.


Walk through the Dark Portal to arrive in Outlands.
Run to Thrallmar (H) or Honor Hold (A) in Hellfire Peninsula, grab the flight path, and set your Hearthstone.
Dungeon: Blood Furnace
Mob Levels: 61-62
Boss Levels: 62-63
Full clear Blood Furnace until you reach level 61.
Run to Swamprat Post and Zabra'jin (H) or Telredor (A) in Zangarmarsh and grab the flight paths.
Run to Shattrath City in Terokkar Forest and grab the flight path.
Complete the quest to choose between Aldor and Scryers and set your Hearthstone.
Dungeon: Slave Pens
Mob Levels: 62-64
Boss Levels: 64
Full clear Slave Pens until you reach level 63.
Hearth to Shattrath City. Run to Stonebreaker Hold (H) or Allerian Stronghold (A) in Terokkar Forest and grab the flight path.
Dungeon: Mana Tombs
Mob Levels: 64-66
Boss Levels: 66
Full clear Mana Tombs until you reach level 66.
Dungeon: Sethekk Halls
Mob Levels: 67-69
Boss Levels: 69
Full clear Sethekk Halls until you reach level 68.
Hearth to Shattrath City. Travel to Karazhan to begin the Attunement quest.
Travel to the Caverns of Time and complete the introductory quest.
Dungeon: Old Hillsbrad
Mob Levels: 66-68
Boss Levels: 68
Clear Old Hillsbrad once.
Dungeon: The Black Morass
Mob Levels: 70-71
Boss Levels: 72
Clear Black Morass once. You might want to farm this until you reach level 69 to make your time in Shadow Labyrinth easier.
Hearth to Shattrath City. Fly to Stonebreaker Hold (H) or Allerian Stronghold (A) in Terokkar Forest.
Dungeon: Shadow Labyrinth
Mob Levels: 69-71
Boss Levels: 72
Clear Shadow Labyrinth once and loot the Key Fragment for the Karazhan Attunement.
Travel to Karazhan to turn in the Attunement quest and pick up the next step.
Hearth to Shattrath City. Fly to Zabra'jin (H) or Telredor (A) in Zangarmarsh.
Dungeon: The Steamvault
Mob Levels: 70
Boss Levels: 72
Clear The Steamvault once and loot the Key Fragment for the Karazhan Attunement.


Congratulations, you should be level 70 by now! Feel free to continue the Karazhan Attunement quest chain, learn flying, and gear up for your first raid and heroics. If you are interested in an easy way to track the progress of your raid attunements, check out our Attunement Tracker page.

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