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Blade and Soul Sundered Nexus Guide: The No.1 Boss Roukougu

In the June 1 Blade&Soul update 2.2 Vengeance Breaks will will come, a new update Sundered Nexus, which is a heroic dungeon located in northern snowy white of Green Mountains. Sundered Nexus can be 4 or 6 people Raiders. With Moonwater Plains of Naryu Labyrinth, are clearance a room, it will randomly open door leading to another room in the form. Today, let's take a look at Sundered Nexus No. 1 BOSS how clearance.


Stage 1 BOSS


The 1st boss battle for Sundered Nexus can be divided into 2 major modes: normal mode and recharging mode.


In the maze of underground 1 split last met the first one in the right arm boss installed a giant weapon, Roukougu attack mode in accordance with the way of fighting is broadly divided into the basic attack mode and power mode 2 absorbing species. Most basic attack mode for the use of his right arm close combat, in particular, the use of attack to be careful bleeding debuff.

While in power absorption mode, you need to punch through three times blocking technology, and because dizziness, weakness, knocked all the needs, so the battle between the best players in advance before a good discussion.


Normal Mode Skill Description

1. Normal attack: frontal normal attack

2. Drill Punch: Frontal punch indicated by a rectangular AOE indicator, induce bleed status

3. Triple Jump: Jump 3 times, circular AOE, the 3rd time induce knockdown with larger AOE.

4. Frontal Charge: Extend his arm  to the front (no rectangular AOE indicator) and charge towards the aggro holder, inducing knockdown. Block to stun it then destroyer/lyn blade can lift him up.

5. Disc Throw: throw 4 discs at random targets, induce knockdown; can be negated with ranged protection skill

6. Bomb Throw: throw bomb at aggro holder.


[Normal Mode Mode]: pay attention to bleeding debuff

Normal Mode Mode Attack Pattern: Skill 1> 2 Skill> Skill 1> Skill 3> Skill 1> 2 Skill> Skill 4

To note here are:

1. Because 'skills 4' facing the front of the attack, when the 'Skill 1' raised his right hand after seeing the action, it is necessary to quickly move from the spot.

2. Skill 3, when used at the beginning of the next left foot hit the relatively narrow range, but the attack faster. To attack the latter when your feet hit, not only attack a wide range and will be knocked down when hit, recommended that players maintain a sufficient distance to escape.

3. Use of the skills after 5, 6 will use the skills skills. Skills 6 skills will emit shells look like fist, when the ground would fall within a certain area damage and knocked down. Because the 'rocket fist' skills on the ground caused by blow, we can not or Divine Veil Set Landmine skills to resist peer remote correspondence.


[Recharging Mode]:

Recharging Mode Attack Pattern: Skill 7> 8 Skill> Skill 9


To note here are:

1. When the basic skills first attack mode about 55 seconds after 1 attack, Roukougu growl will do after installation to generate their own protective film and use the rotary body 5 skill skills. When Roukougu turning the body, if close to it, then it will cause scratches and repel the need to pay attention.

2. By blocking three times, then punch technology skills 9, Roukougu will be absorbed due to power failure fainted to the floor into a weak state 22 seconds or so. In addition, around Roukougu internal forces will generate a reply buff ground, the maximum output at this time is our time. To note here is that if the floating air attack will unlock weak.

3. When the power absorbed fail to pay attention to the surrounding explosion


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