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bns power Leveling guide for super fast hardcore leveling
This is for hardcore players ONLY, everything under this post is for reference ONLY. It's not how the game intended to play. If this is your 1st time playing BnS please play full game way official intended.

From Lv1, Do all the Main quest(Yellow) and Side quest(Blue) you will reach Lv13-14 all the way to JadeStone Village.


Note: Side quest + Daily Quest gives 800-900exp in Gloomdross Forest

After you reach Jadestone Village, There are gathering quest in jadestone village each quest gives 1000 exp.

Note: HAVE to be Gathering quest NOT crafting. etc Trapper's Alliance Rep(Han Gisok). There are 7 in total.


When you finish the quest Press L and leave guild. You will be around 15-16 after 7 quest


All the side quest in Jadestone = Ignored, Just do main quest until you reach Songshu Isle


Follow the main quest clear side quest to reach lv18, because next map (Sentinel Coast) will require Lv18 to enter, When main quest reach Blackram Narrows, You can find party to do instance to get earring, ring and necklace to upgrade. But it's optional.

When you travel to next map Tomun Range follow the main quest all the way up to lv25 if you lack on exp to reach Lv25, No worries skip the Side quest, But daily quests are recommended.

Note: Don't forget to learn QINGGONG lv2 on the way. 

After reach Lv25 run towards Vulture's Dig + Jackal's Dig this place is leveling paradise! 2 entrance, Go in kill everything and come out, Run back in... repeat. All the way until lv31.


[color=#dd2423]Note: Exp Boost Food Recommended[/color]

After reach Lv31 do main quest ONLY can avoid Sandstong Refuge + Yonkai Work Camp side quest, main quest all the way up to Crescent Spring, Finish all the side quest in Crescent spring. Follow main quest line to Yehara's Mirage, you can do side quest in town gives good amount of exp in short time.

Follow the main quest, all the way to Spirestone Canyons you should be around Lv33-34, You must reach Lv36 before leaving Cinderlands follow main quest line, Few side quest can be ignored if you reached Lv36.

[color=#dd2423]Note: Daily Quest gives good amount of exp.[/color]

After Lv36, Main quest will lead you to Lycandi Foothills do all the quest in these 3 camps as shown in Picture.


Note: Field bosses, You can avoid them but if you see group of players killing make sure you do field boss quest.

Follow the Main quest towards Hogshead Pastures Complete all the side quest in this map.

Note: Field bosses, You can avoid them but if you see group of players killing make sure you do field boss quest.

After you reach Sapphire Basin your goal is to get lv39 in this region no matter what, So follow the main quest clear up each camp side quest + Daily.

*From my experience Clear these Quest is enough to get lv39.


After reaching Lv39 Next part of Main quest will require you to be Lv41, So from Lv39-41 farm Wayfarer's Wharf.


Note: Exp Boost Food Recommended.

When reached Lv41 follow the main quest to Misty Woods, Character should be around Lv41-42, Ignore everything run towards Besieged Camp.


This place is THE Paradise! 3 areas with around 8-9 mobs each. It is also one of daily questing area so beware of other players, pick a good time during the night when there aren't any players online to farm.

Note: After killing 5-6 mobs 3 different mini-boss will spawn. Easiest way is don't get arggo, Run around them missing 1-2 mobs no big deal. Exp Boost Food Recommended.

Thanks for reading! This guide will get you from Lv1-Lv45 under 40 hours. If you have any questions or better ideal routes please reply on thread.

Reference: http://bns.inven.co.kr/


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