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How to Level Up Fast in The Division

This article will explain how players can level up fast in The Division, as increasing your level is very important. It directly ties to the weapons and gear that you can equip or buy, plus the districts and missions that you can enter and survive in. Increasing your level will also unlock slots that allow you to use extra Skills, Talents and Perks, making it essential to do quickly.

There are quite a few ways that you can focus your efforts on leveling up quickly, but there is no magic formula that will stop you from having to put in the work. That’s not what this is about. We’re here to ensure that you are getting the most XP that you can from your time in The Division, not provide you with some type of shortcut. That’s mainly because there is no shortcut.

Security Wing Upgrades

Players should focus on unlocking and upgrading the Security Wing of their Base of Operations. To do this, you’ll need to make your way from Brooklyn to Manhattan by completing Precinct Siege, and then moving on to Establish Base of Operations. Your next mandatory task will be to rescue Dr. Kandel from the Madison Field Hospital, but then you can head out and rescue Captain Roy Benitez from the Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint mission. When you’re done, you can head back to your Base of Operations and activate the Security Wing.

Your focus here should be on unlocking the Situation Room, which comes with the Experienced Agent Perk. This Perk will give you a permanent 10 percent XP boost in all that you do. Every time you earn XP, you’re getting an extra 10 percent. It doesn’t seem like much, but when you add it up over the course of dozens of in-game hours, it will make a huge difference. This is the first, and most basic way that players can level up fast in The Division.


Unlocking the Situation Room and Barracks of the Security Wing will help you level up fast.

The next Security Wing upgrade that you want is the Barracks, but that will set you back a whopping 1,000 Security Supplies, so it’s going to take some time. Focus on side missions that have the blue triangle symbol next to them. These won’t give you a lot of Security Supplies, but the main missions with the blue shields will. Although they are considerably more difficult, main missions will give you about 500 Security Supplies each. Knock off two of those and you have the Barracks.

The reason the Barracks matters is something called Accolades. These are small XP rewards that players are given for completing tasks they didn’t even know they were taking part in. Accolades include things like making head shots, completing checkpoints without dying, or even killing a few enemies in a short period of time. A good example of this would be when you take out two bad guys with a sneaky grenade. You’ll barely notice that you’re getting XP, and you typically won’t get more than 30 for each one, but the Barracks adds 25 percent to this. Now, instead of 30 XP, you’re getting about 37.5 XP. Here’s to hoping Ubisoft rounds up to an even 38 XP.

Complete Side Missions

It’s a no-brainer, right? Well, then why do so many gamers ignore this? Besides just giving you small amounts of XP for relatively easy objectives, side missions also grant you Blueprints, as well as Supplies for the Tech Wing, Medical Wing and Security Wing. They don’t seem like much individually, but when you spend 30 minutes knocking off a half a dozen, all of a sudden you’re leveling up and capable of taking on the next zone, or main story mission. In fact, Ubisoft doesn’t want you to just power through the main story and ignore the extras. They want you to take your time, enjoying every dark alley and abandoned apartment that Manhattan has to offer.

Medical Wing Upgrades

Sometimes you don't find loot or XP. Just a dead guy on a toilet below the streets of Manhattan.

In the Medical Wing, your focus should be on the Virus Lab (500 Supplies), the Hazmat Unit (400 Supplies), and the Pharmacy (200 Supplies). If you’re wondering what these have to do with XP, the answer is in the common Perk that each of these provides players - Protective Measures.

You start with Level 1 Protective Measures, but each of these upgrades will build upon that. This will give you Protective Measures Level 4, allowing you to access contaminated areas that you couldn’t previously. Take the Madison Field Hospital for example, there is a door that you can lock-pick, and behind it is a loot crate that gives some pretty sweet items. This room is just before you rescue Dr. Kandel, and it requires you to enter a Level 2 Contamination Zone. These are scattered throughout The Division, so the more Protective Measure Perks you’re rocking, the more loot you can score. This is about XP though, right? Finding loot actually gives you XP, and having more Virus Protection will allow you to find more loot.

Discover New Districts

A very quick way that you can increase your level and earn some XP is by discovering new districts. Now obviously this is directed more towards new players, but they’re likely the ones who need the XP to begin with.

What we do here is run into a district that we haven’t discovered. If you bring up your map, you can see which ones you have and have not discovered by moving your cursor over them. Simply cross over the boundary and into the district you haven’t been to before, and enjoy the XP. This tip is especially handy when you just need a bit of XP to hit that next level and kick off another main story mission.

If you’d like to learn even more about The Division, browse through USgamer’s The Division Walkthrough and Guide. We have story missions, Intel, and features that will help you dominate in mid-crisis Manhattan.

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