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The Division: how to level-up fast

All the information you need to climb up the ranks in The Division as quickly as possible.


The Division: how to level-up fast

The Division has two main stats to level up: your Agent level and your Dark Zone rank, campaign and multiplayer rankings respectively. You’re going to want to get both up as quickly as possible.

The Division is an RPG at its core, and so anything you do in the world will grant you XP points. This includes small things like giving medkits to random NPCs, capturing intel from around the game world, discovering new areas of the map, and of course killing enemies in and out of missions.

  • How to increase your Agent level

Completing story missions is the most straightforward way of levelling up. You get XP as the missions progress, at the end, plus a bonus for picking up intel or opening chests. Holding Y on Xbox One and Triangle on PS4 lets you select the mission difficulty, which in turn ups the cash rewards, although you won’t score any more XP from the mission itself, just the XP from kills.

You’re also going to want to complete side missions and encounters, both of which hand out good amounts of XP for less time-consuming activities. Do them with a team to make it easier and you can work up those levels relatively quickly.

You should also focus on doing the security mission before playing any of the bigger story missions, as it offers a good bonus. This missions grants you the Experienced Agent perk, which increases XP gain from all activities by 10 percent.

  • How to increase your Dark Zone rank

As for Dark Zone rank, you can only earn it inside the Dark Zone. A good strategy is to go into the Dark Zone when your base level is bit higher. This allows you to go into Dark Zone 02 or 03 a lot quicker, seeing as you’ll be chewing up the low-level enemies in Dark Zone 01.

Be warned though: your Dark Zone rank can actually drop when you are killed within the Dark Zone. The higher your rogue status, the more you have to lose. But let’s talk about going rogue and how it effects your Dark Zone rank, because this is the quickest way to increase it.

Going rogue means you’re fighting other players and stealing their loot. Doing so makes you a target, but the rewards are much higher. The more killing you do, the higher your rogue status will climb, up to a maximum of five. If you can ride the timer out until your rogue status is removed (i.e. don’t get killed), you will be rewarded lots of XP to increase your Dark Zone rank, as well as Dark Zone keys and credits.

Another good way of increasing your Dark Zone rank is to hunt down rogue agents and kill them. Look for red skulls on the map and team up with other players to take them down. This back and forth between hunters and the hunted is where you’ll earn the most XP to up your Dark Zone rank.

  • What’s The Division level cap?

The Division has a level cap of 30, but the game doesn’t end there. Once you hit level 30, the entire Dark Zone will be repopulated with harder enemies and content appropriate to your new level. Expect it to get tough as nails.

You’ll also still be able to craft better gear and weapons. And then from April Ubisoft will begin to release free content, including The Division’s take on raids where groups of players team up to earn some big loot and other rewards.

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