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Yes, there are already some simple leveling guides up and out there that have been made available for Tree of Savior for hitting level 100, but they’re pretty simple guides that basically tell where to go and leave the rest up to you. Well, there’s a more in-depth leveling guide for those of you having trouble getting from 1 to 100, explaining where the prime grinding spots are between the grinding deadzones, and when to pop the EXP cards to maximize your character’s growth.


The maximum level cap at the moment is 280, however between certain levels there are EXP curves where the requirements reset. YouTuber Till Eternity Gaming provides some tips on when to pop EXP cards to bypass the reset deadzones so that you can maximize your grinding and overcome the slow EXP gain during the reset at various level intervals. He explains it more in depth in the half hour Tree of Savior leveling guide video below.


The NPCs don’t have icons over their head to indicate that they have mainline quests, so you’ll need to talk to various NPCs in order to find out if they have new, main quests for you.

The reason I mention the NPC quests is because you get EXP cards from completing quests given out by NPCs. You can retrieve the EXP cards from the Wings of Vibora NPC in Klaipeda. Additionally, you want to kill as many different monster types as possible, because every new elite monster you kill you get extra EXP for this.

Excrulon’s EXP Viewer add-on for the monster and map viewer, which shows you where you need to go to clear the map, assuming you’re monster hunting and you want to clear the map of monsters and get the 100% map exploration bonus, which will grant you EXP cards.


You can download the Exrulon’s EXP Viewer add-on from over on Github.

Now as you’re leveling, Till suggests that after you start off and reach level 15, you should initiate your first job change. When you start off make sure you also do as many repeatable quests as possible, especially the ones in West Siauliai Woods in Klaipeda and the Lembrasa Ponds if you start off in Orsha. Repeatable quests are green flagged on the map, so do them and do them often to help cut down on the grind later on in your leveling.


From 15 onward you’ll want to do the Crystal Mine or the Underground Prison quest lines, and follow these up until level 23 or level 24.

By level 24 head to a town where you didn’t start to help compensate for your level growth by completing the levels in that area. In order to get there you’ll need to warp, so buy warp scrolls from the item merchant for Klaipeda to Orsha or from Orsha to Klaipeda (depending on where you start).

If you finish up the Crystal Mines and the Prison, you should be up to level 32. From here you should start on Strautas Gorge and begin to either quest or grind your way toward Tenet Garden.

From level 32 to level 42, you’ll need to grind, and do not use your EXP cards yet. This grind is necessary to help save your EXP cards for later when the deadzones appear at some of the higher levels. It’s suggested to head to Tenet Garden and party up for the maximum area of coverage for grinding the map and leveling as quickly as possible.


According to Till, this grind will last for around two hours and net you 10 levels. If you do it right, you can jump from 32 to level 46 and the NPCs will drop 300 through 400 silver while grinding on the mobs.

Alternatively, you can go to Koru Jungle between level 37 and 38 if you can’t find a party at Tenet Garden or if it’s too crowded. The other alternative is Neverllet Quarry, which is good up until level 42.

If you want to save your cards you can grind up to level 46 and then use EXP cards up to level 50. If you can’t grind up to level 46, you can pop EXP cards from 42 to level 46 and then attempt to do the level 50 dungeon. The better route is to grind to 46, pop the EXP cards and level up to 50 and then run the dungeons between 50 and 70. Till suggests running the dungeon up to 10 times in order to power-level.

If you can’t run the Underground Chapel dungeon, you can level up to 63 from the dungeons and then do some quests from 63 to 65. Alternatively, you can run the dungeon up to level 70 and then go back and do all the level 50 quests.


After completing the quests, instead of grinding you can pop EXP cards at whatever level you are in the 70s until to reach level 78 or 79. If you didn’t grind the dungeon up to level 70, you can do all the quests after level 50 to help boost your level during the 60s until you finish them off and then pop the EXP cards to get through the high 70s.

Another alternative is during the mid to high 60s you can grind out additional levels up until level your mid 70s at the Royal Mausoleum Workers Lodge. If you try to fight the boss you can gain some additional levels up until 75. It’s recommended you join a party for this particular grinding exercise.


There are a ton of monsters that will spawn from three rooms at the Royal Mausoleum Works Lodge, that will allow you to level pretty quick in a decently skilled party. According to Till, you’ll have about six full minutes of non-stop monster grinding that can blast you up to level 75 if you aren’t there already


Between level 75 to 86 you can grind at the Royal Mausoleum Constructor’s Chapel; you first have to activate the light beacon for the waves of Earth Apparition to spawn for several minutes. However, grinding at the Constructor’s Chapel is hard to get to and utilize because a lot of people grind at this spot, and by the time you reach level 81 you’ll hit a deadzone, so it may be important to pop cards during this point.

So if you can’t grind at the Constructor’s Chapel between level 75 and 86, you should use EXP cards after grinding or questing up to 79 or 80 and use them until level 86.

If you are able to get to the Royal Mausoleum and grind there on the Earth Apparition up until level 86, you can pop the EXP cards to get to level 90.

From there you just do the level 90 dungeon run and grind it out all the way to level 105.

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