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WOW Shadowlands Hunter Leveling Guide: Best Specs & Professions

Before Shadowlands release, we want to share a guide regarding of WOW Shadowlands Hunter leveling. Here we will introduce the details of specializations and professions for leveling Hunter class. 


Choose best spec for WOW Shadowlands Hunter leveling 


As for a new player to the class, we encourage you to choose Beast Mastery spec to level Hunter in Shadowlands. Beast Mastery is one of the strongest solo specializations, having a stronger arsenal of pets and huge utility both from talents to learned abilities. Selecting this spec will lead to a much easier leveling experience. 

Marksmanship is selected by many players. It doesn't rely on pets for their damage, but can kill enemies really quickly with a barrage of lethal shots. While you need to be a Lone Wolf and not use any pets to get the maximum out of your Marksmanship Hunter. 
And Survival spec is available for those who look for something different while leveling Hunter. It's a melee DPS spec and kill enemies via close combat abilities and bombs as well as coordinated assaults with their pet. 


Best professions for WOW Shadowlands Hunter leveling 


There are totally three profession sets for leveling Shadowlands Hunter, including: 
1. Skinning & Leatherworking
You can extract scales and furs from dead Beast mobs with Skinning, and Leatherworking can allow you to craft these scales and furs into wearable pieces of Mail gear. Besides, Leatherworking is the most important for Hunters at maximum level, because you are able to craft the base pieces used for Level 60 Legendary Armor. 
2. Herbalism & Alchemy 
While using this profession set, you can collect herbs from Herbalism and convert them into potions with Alchemy. Potions are very useful to extract extra bit of damage or heal yourself. 
3. Skinning & Minning, Herbalism or Enchanting 

If you just want to make money, you can use Skinning and one of gather professions, such as Mining, Herbalism or Enchanting. And Enchanting can allow you to disenchant unwanted pieces of gear into reagents that can be used to create powerful armor and weapon enchants. 

Hope this guide can help you a lot with WOW Shadowlands Hunter leveling. Additionally, please buy cheap WOW Shadowlands power leveling and other goods from us. 

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